Tropical Green Exports commences operations in Jaffna

Tropical Green Exports Ltd., a Colombo-based company, commenced operations in the North by declaring open two factories producing coco peat and coir recently in Eluthumaduwal and Muhamalai. The opening of the facility of the collecting and processing centre at Eluthumaduwal was marked by Commander Security Forces – Jaffna Major General Priyantha Perera.

The opening ceremony of the main plant of the company situated in Muhamalai was graced by State Minister of Coconut, Kithul and Palmyrah Cultivation Promotion and Related Industrial Product Manufacturing and Export Diversification MP Arundika Fernando.

The two plants will now be positioned to collect, process and contribute to the export output of Sri Lanka in both coco peat and coir supporting the global demand for organic and eco-friendly cultivation options. Tropical Green Exports is an environmentally conscious company that is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and with a special emphasis on providing employment opportunities in the North while improving female participation in the labour force.

This initiative is an entrepreneurial venture of a banking professional with more than two decades of experience in retail banking – Sheahan Arasaratnam, who is the CEO and Managing Director of the company.

At the opening Arasaratnam remarked that there is much that can be done to improve the economic activity in the northern region and it is only a few multinationals that have ventured into the area in doing so. At the occasion, he remarked that when setting up operations of this start-up enterprise both Coconut Development Authority and the National Chamber of Exporters were greatly supportive. He added that the coconut by products space has proven robust and the company is keen to join hands with similar producers to increase the level of automation and innovation in the industry. Tropical Green Exports is a member of the Coconut Development Authority, National Chamber of Exporters, Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Yarlpanam and the Good Market.

Ceasar Sustainable Invest BV (CSI), recently announced its partnership with Tropical Green Exports, recognising the potential of the coconut substrate sector as a key economic driver in the North.

Tropical Green Exports Ltd. specialises in manufacturing, supply and distribution of export quality coco peat used in the hydroponics industry and as an alternate growth medium to soil. The global trend of the industry is indicative of positive growth with Sri Lanka at the forefront as a raw materials exporter.

At present, the company owns two plants within the Jaffna Peninsula and works closely with industry leaders. Once a single owner start-up, the Company is now powered by CSI, a Dutch investment company looking into sustainable business solutions.

Tropical Green Exports Managing Director Sheahan Arasaratnam, recalling his journey from being a corporate sector leader into a start-up enterprise owner, stated that it is an interesting time to be in an environment where early-stage startups and business incubation is challenging. However, he was encouraged by CSI’s move to invest in the company and saw it as being reflective of the robustness of sustainability-driven business initiatives.

Bron: FT

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