Dutch partner CSI joins hands with TGE

Ceasar Sustainable Invest BV (CSI), recently announced its partnership with Tropical Green Exports, recognising the potential of the coconut substrate sector as a key economic driver in the North. 

Tropical Green Exports Ltd. specialises in manufacturing, supply and distribution of export quality coco peat used in the hydroponics industry and as an alternate growth medium to soil. The global trend of the industry is indicative of positive growth with Sri Lanka at the forefront as a raw materials exporter. 

At present, the company owns two plants within the Jaffna Peninsula and works closely with industry leaders. Once a single owner start-up, the Company is now powered by CSI, a Dutch investment company looking into sustainable business solutions. 

Tropical Green Exports Managing Director Sheahan Arasaratnam, recalling his journey from being a corporate sector leader into a start-up enterprise owner, stated that it is an interesting time to be in an environment where early-stage startups and business incubation is challenging. However, he was encouraged by CSI’s move to invest in the company and saw it as being reflective of the robustness of sustainability-driven business initiatives. 

Bron: FT


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